Furnace Problems That Need Professional Assistance

All furnace problems cannot be resolved at home. The complex ones need the intervention of a professional to get resolved. Do not tamper with parts about which you do not have much idea. It may lead to worsening of the problem or can pose a threat to your life. Do not handle electrical or mechanical gadgets if you are no used to or comfortable about doing so. Here are some furnace problems, which requires professional assistance –

• If your system is cycling off within a short time, call a technician. This problem generally occurs because of two reasons. One of these is thermostat not calibrated properly. The unit can also shutoff within two to three minutes if the heat exchanger is getting overheated. As a result the burner shuts down to prevent damage to the heat exchanger. It is a professional who will be able to diagnose the correct cause and do the needful to resolve it.

• The flames of a furnace have a regular look. The rows of different colors in the flame look even. If the rows are uneven and flame leans towards the back, it could be a sign of dirty burners or a cracked heat exchanger.

• Noise from furnaces could generate from serious issues. A booming sound could emanate due to build-up of gas from a delayed ignition. Grinding, squealing, or screeching noises could result due to faulty bearing, belt, or the motor. A constant clicking sound is heard from a furnace leaking out gas. Rattling sound could come due to leaky heat exchanger. When burner is very dirty you can hear a rumbling sound from the furnace.

• If you get frequent headaches or flu like symptoms, but doctors are unable to diagnose the correct cause, get your furnace inspected. It could be due to CO (Carbon Monoxide) leakage from the furnace.

• Soot is a fine black powder that accumulates on the burners if the combustion is incomplete. It could lead to extremely dirty burner or cracked heat exchanger. In such cases, a professional would either replace the heat exchanger or would align and clean the burner with proper solution and tools.

• Besides these if there is a problem in ignition control, thermonuclear or flame sensor, it is a professional who can diagnose them and do a replacement.





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